Home, sweet home with Emma mattress

Some of you may know, recently Kieran and I just moved, I actually enjoy the fact that we are slowly building something together, which is something I feel extremely grateful and blessed, there’s a person to share happiness and sadness, giving me a shoulder to lean on, and a home to stay with. (Thank you Kieran I love you x)


As Kieran loves to do his research on furniture, before we were invited, he had already checked out Emma mattress and wanna get one for our home (What a coincidence!) Our bed just arrived right before we received invitation to try out Emma mattress (a perfect timing hahaa <3) Thank you Emma mattress and here’s a throwback to our unboxing day :)


Shot by my amazing boyfriend/ photographer Kieran.


Emma sent us a double bed sized mattress, surprisingly in a small box, with a thoughtful special tool to open the protected package.


Can you believe a double sized mattress can fit in this small box? (I am 169 cm tall fyi haha)


Selfie with our first mattress yayyy Normally I would prefer a super firm mattress but Emma mattress really changed my thought, with three layers: viscoelastic foam, cold foam and Airgocell foam to support, keep us cool, contour and most importantly, make it super comfortable and yet support your back and spine, as a strict side sleeper is it really important for me. It is also a super bouncy mattress (for us to jump on), jkjk haha I actually found it helps me moving around and changing position easily.


The mattress is really comfortable and supportive. Conclusion is: We approved it and like it a lot!


Good mattress deserves a beautiful bed sheets and covers <3

For more on Emma mattress, please visit https://www.emma-mattress.hk

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Alexandra Leung