[Instagrammable] How I create this picture - 1 (Snapseed and VSCO)

“How I create _____” series is finally launched! I feel like it would be interesting to share how I create the content and share some useful apps with you :) Hope you will enjoy it!

First app I want to introduce to you is Snapseed, it’s a free app owned by Google, in this picture, I want to share how I use the function “selective”. The selective function allows you to increase or decrease “exposure, contrast, saturation, structure” of the selected area. I think it’s really useful for pictures that have a specific area to improve (e.g. brightness of the background).


Step 1: Selective


Step 2: choose the area you want to improve


Step 3: drag and choose a tool


Step 4: drag up and down for increase or decrease 


And then, we move to VSCO, which I believe most of the Instagram lovers will know about this app. I almost use VSCO for every single picture. Here’s the VSCO filter formula I’ve been using recently~




After Snapseed  

After VSCO

After VSCO


I hope you enjoy this article. I wanted to work on this series long time ago and hopefully I can share more with you in the future xx