What to eat on the Keto Diet

When it comes to Ketogenic Diet, sometimes it is quite difficult to find perfect dishes in restaurants, especially at dim sum place, almost all dim sums include carbs/ sugar in it. I used to "yum cha" twice to thrice a week (mainly because I am addicted to tea lol) Last Sunday was the first time I go to Dim Sum place since I've started Keto-diet, let's see what dim sums my relatives ordered and how I pick my Keto-friendly (or relatively friendly) dim sums among all of them! :)


First thing first, a cup of tea for sure~ 


I got a steamed shrimp dumpling and took off the skin hahaa


I ordered boiled Chinese lettuce, 100% keto-friendly ayyyy


Actually I'm not sure about these steamed meatballs (beef), but I had one anyway hahaaa


Let's see what I can't eat, buns and rice rolls :'(


Also had some steamed pork ribs~~~


This dim sum really surprised me as it is just shrimp and minced squid wrapped with beancurd skin, unlike shrimp dumplings, I can take the whole dim sum yayyyyy


I can also take deep-fried beancurd skin roll <3 not sure about the deep-fried minced fish balls tho..


This is a traditional dish from Chaozhou, unfortunately I can't have it as it is mixed with pumpkins, flour and egg...

Sugar-freeAlexandra Leung