Buenos Aires Polo Club, Rocktail Menu

Last week was hectic. There was so much going on before the long Lunar New Year Holiday. Finally, I got some time to sit down and talk about one of the most fabulous party nights I had with Kieran.


On Thursday we went to Bueno Aires Polo Club for its exclusive "Buenos Aires Rock Club". As a fan of Blacksheep restaurants, I still remember the fantastic nights with my cousin at Osteria Marzia and La Vache! opening parties, that somehow awkward date night at Ho Lee Fook (at least Ho Lee Fook got extremely tender ox tongue and cheek) and a date night with Kieran at Maison Libanaise to celebrate my new job (thank you love xx). Not to mention the newly opened Sri Lankan restaurant Hotal Colombo which I really want to try.


My cousin teaches me a lot about food and inevitably introducing me to the famously cool Blacksheep restaurants. Not only because of the food but the friendly staff, warm service and creative concepts that keep people going back to the restaurants again and again. Honestly, I was really looking forward to my very first visit to Buenos Aires Rock Club!


The Beef and Spinach Empanadas are lovely - the perfect starter for the crazy night!


Special thanks to the friendly staff, who really made our night more memorable:)


I like how they transform the entire clubhouse with a creative twist, including glowing paint and cheeky oil paintings, which completely change the atmosphere from classy to a more 'wild' style.


The revamped “Rocktails” menu was created in collaboration with Jameson Whiskey, exclusively available on Thursdays from 10.