#Macau - Goan delights at Taipa, Macau


Taipa is my favourite area in Macau, a perfect spot for you to relax and wander around (not to mention there're some Instagrammable spots).

And whenever we are at Macau, Goa Nights is always our ultimate dinner spot.


From today to May 12, Goa Nights will be holding a Mexico food festival, with a unique Mexican x Indian menu for Cinco de Mayo!


We tried Pulled Pork and Mango Avocado Salsa Tacos, Pulled ÇIM' Quesadillas, Avocado mash and Nachos, and our favourite, Hummus!


Pulled pork and mango avocado salsa tacos is our favourite, slow-cooked pull pork matches perfectly with avocado salsa, mango balances the spiciness.


Avocado mash and nachos is another surprise! A basket for two of us to share, you can't stop eating the nachos with avocado mash!

Alexandra Leung