Short Trip to Macau - Goa Nights

A short trip to Macau last week with my girl Kristy <3  It's been a while, Macau changed a lot! The last time I visit Macau was five years ago lol, and now I can go to casino ehhhhh haaha


Macau is famous for gambling, but for me, I think the best way to know this city, is by their food. Macau was a Portuguese colony, like Hong Kong, with their unique cultural background, Macau became a hub of different cuisines, including Portuguese and Chinese fusion food.


Except for the famous Portuguese Egg Tart and Pork Chop Bun, there're many hidden foodie gems in Macau that are worth trying.

Last week, I went to Goa Nights at Taipa Village, a new Indian tapas style restaurant. Finally get my craving for tapas satisfied!!!


The loooooong white marble bar table is definitely an 'instagrammable' spot heheeeee


What're the stories behind the signature cocktails? Find the answer in the restaurant's food and drink menu! 


Love the interior design, especially the use of light and shadow.


Sure I wouldn't miss the chance of taking photossssss 


The 9 signature cocktails, innovative and photogenic! With unique flavours  <3


Wondering who created these unique cocktails? They're all created by the renowned bartender and mixologist Chetan Gangan. Chetan was the first-runner up in the Bacardi Legacy 2017!


 Goa Nights Nachos


Goa Style Clams


Cape Verde Island


Chicken Tikka Masala, my main dish, tasty yet keto-friendly haha! A creamy tomato paste texture kinda reminds me of a Filipino dish my aunt always made for me when I was a kid, love it!


Fish Moilee, as a coconut lover ( I basically love everything made by coconut.. ), this dish is just perfect for me, I didn't know coconut milk and fish are perfect match!


Bebinca, Ok I know I should not have dessert, but THIS DESSERT IS SOOOO TEMPTING, I have to be honest with you all I had one piece (small piece..... I guess) this traditional Goan dessert has multiple layers, made with Ghee, egg yolk and coconut milk, I really like the caramel-like layer and the pudding texture!


Goa Nights

Address: 118 Rua Correia Da Silva, Taipa Village, Macau

Operating hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 06:00 pm – 01:00am

Reservations: + 853 2856 7819

Instagram: Goa Nights





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