One of the best tea rooms at Central - Tea Library

As a tea addict who have started her tea journey since she was 9, wouldn't say I am a professional but I do drink tea everyday (at least a bottle of tea 500ml no joke lol). And I will never introduce nice tea place to people unless I really like it! 

Today I passed by Central cause of work and found this newly opened tea room, Tea Library, with beautiful marble x wood indoor design (Another Instagrammable place girls!!!!) and creative tea menu, not only with most trendy cheese tea, but also with some rarely found fusion tea.



I tried this Cheese-Chocolate and Pu'er (HKD 48), it's amazing! With two layers including  a smooth cocoa powder cheese as topping and chocolate Pu'er, how can I say no to this <3


It's actually my first time trying chocolate Pu'er, didn't expect it to be too good as I has a bad experience in Cheese + Pu'er, but this is surprisingly good with perfect ratio of chocolate and Pu'er. 


Sorry, this tea is art I just can't stop taking pics haha. And they're using 25-year-old Pu'er from Yunnan, definitely worth a try!


Another Instagrammable place to go @Hong Kong!


More drinks from Tea Library!



Instagram: tealibraryhk


Address: 24 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

Grand Opening: 2nd June 2018

Alexandra Leung