My name is Alexandra Leung. First, I’d like to send my biggest virtual hug to you, thank you for clicking “about” and willing to know more about me!

My website was founded in 2017. Raised in Hong Kong, I love my home city, I am really proud of our culture. I am always on the hunt for nice restaurants and interesting events in Hong Kong.

From my website you’d know, I am a content creator and lifestyle blogger based in Hong Kong. Recently, I joined Hong Kong Living, pursuing my dream of being a digital editor.

I am also the anchor of JUST ASIA, AHRC weekly Asian human rights programme, check out AHRC Facebook page for more.

You can also find me on Instagram: @bonjourajade or if you want to read more about Hong Kong, check out &!

This year, I decided to start my own Qipao brand, BÅOBEI. I hope to show the world our unique Hong Kong culture via this traditional Chinese dress :)